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Creative places where Author Treatments come to life in a perfect setting.

Trisálida donde se Realizan Tratamientos de Autor


Trisàlida is the INNAT concept based on the emotional benefits of sharing the environment of an experience.

The room becomes a large chrysalis of light that houses other individual chrysalis inside that gives privacy to the participant but allows them to feel the shared environmental details from the outside.

Cine para realizar Tratamientos de Autor en Excèntric by INNAT


CinExcèntric is the emotional cinema of INNAT. Both our emotional cinema and Cosmètic Bar become perfect allies to immerse our clients in the imaginary scenarios of INNAT.

Reproducciones Gastronómicas con Cosmética

Gastronomic Reproductions with Cosmetics

We reproduce gastronomic creations from important chefs with our cosmetics…

You will not know which one that will spark your taste buds and which one that will delight your skin!

Sponges that simulate biscuits, cupcakes made with massage creams, mountain syrups based on facial tonics…

Mujer sirviendo Copas en Cosmetic Bar

Cosmètic Bar

A unique event in which we fuse haute cuisine with the most impressive beauty rituals. During the event the client receives an exclusive wellness treatment while tasting a gastronomic creation that awakens their senses.

  • Select environment
Sublime decoration
  • Luxe Experiences
  • Gastronomic Surprises
  • Shots (fruits and plants drinks)
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