• Anti-aging cleanser

    Facial cleanser of the anti-aging range for all skin types. This 5-in-1 cleanser provides skin cleansing without rinsing and with a pleasant moisturizing sensation. With a single product you can use to remove makeup, cleanses, tones, moisturizes, and rejuvenates your skin.

    Due to its tensor effect and firmness in the skin  and due to the active ingredients, it is ideal for subsequent wrinkle treatment. In synergy with the anti-aging vial, its active ingredients are equivalent to a peptide technology but only using natural extracts.

    150 ml

  • Night cream

    Intelligent effect cosmetic based on extracts of plant stem cells, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, allantoin, adenosine, and an anti-aging action peptide which acts synergistically to obtain hydration, elasticity, and overall skin rejuvenation results in record time. The active ingredients used and the apple stem cell extract through its metabolites and epigenetic factors help protect and multiply the skin's stem cells.

    50 ml

  • Botanical soap

    Soap made entirely by hand using cold saponification to achieve a high quality product and with all the properties of the ingredients used in its formulation. Soap retains all its active ingredients prepared to protect our skin, moisturizing, and toning it. The star ingredient Laurel is powdered and as an essential oil.

    Ideal to relieve skin with problems of dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, peeling, itching, and etc.

    Use it as a face mask too!

    100 gr

  • Botanical soap

    Soap made entirely by hand using cold saponification to achieve a high quality product and with all the properties of the ingredients used in its formulation. The soap retains all its active ingredients prepared to caress the skin, moisturizing it providing softness and shine.

    Its floral composition based on the essence of Geranium gives an intense floral aroma to soothing, refreshing roses while the active charcoal with its purifying power rejuvenates the skin by attenuating marks and spots.

    Use it as a face mask too!

    100 gr

  • Kit of two beauty treatments

    It is a cosmetic kit of two beauty treatments and two cosmetic coaching sessions to enjoy in the company of your online Angel Trainer.

    When you open our Magic Box, 10 INNAT super products will invade your senses. With them you will be able to perform two treatments at home but not alone. One of our Angel Trainers will guide you during the two sessions in which you will discover two of our best treatments: two visual impact treatments in which just in 30 minutes your face will look radiant.

    Thanks to this product we have managed to solve the need to be able to test the INNAT line before buying it. This need disappears in a unique way with a new service that allows you to enjoy radiant skin for 15 days at a revolutionary price.

    Once again, our Angel Trainers are the key point to guide you and to make this experience truly unique.

    Get your Magic Box now and make an appointment for two meetings in which we will show you the pleasure and effectiveness of taking care of your skin as the experts in Beauty and Well-being do.

  • Multiperfection Cream Blue Light

    It is a natural cream for all skin types that includes a new active ingredient from microalgae, whose enzymes take advantage of the blue light radiation from the screens to activate, repair, and regenerate cellular DNA. The system works when exposed to blue light emitted by fluorescent lamps, tablets, computers, televisions, smart phones, and etc.

    These microalgae are able to reconnect cellular mechanisms, repair cellular DNA structure, prevent photo-aging, and more specifically digital aging, by protecting cells from oxidative damage.

    50 ml

  • Soap, Shaving, and Shampoo all in one


    This handmade certified organic bar soap is the first choice for people with reactive or sensitive dry skin.

    It contains a mix of organic herbal healing oil that adds an herbal freshness along with additional inflammation reducing properties.

    It is also ideal for shaving sensitive skin and for people who have thin, uncolored hair, and want a  shampoo for a devitalized, dry, and flaky scalp.


  • Marine water with plankton extract

    Marine water with high content of minerals and trace elements with thalasso and enriched effect with plankton. Ideal for use as a cleanser and facial tonic. It is also recommended to balance emotional energy by the relaxing and refreshing effects.


  • Body Detox Activator and Drainer

    It is a kit with two synergistic actions: ADS 1 Activator and ADS 2 Drain grease and accumulated liquid. They contain 98% of vegetable ingredients. Its textures (between watery and oily) allow it to be quickly absorbed by the body and in 12 minutes it passes into the bloodstream and lymph. Ideal for people who wish to improve at the lymphatic-blood level and release excess toxins, retained fluid, and accumulated fat. It helps eliminate physical and nervous toxins. It drains and reduces body volume. It help in cellulite reduction. It is also a circulatory venous and lymphatic activator. It minimizes spasms, stiffness of the body and reduces the formation of contractures. It brings calm to the nervous system. It get relax the body, but from the mind. It serves to improve the following anomalies: Body swelling. lymphatic stagnation with intoxicated lymph and globular abdomen, poor blood circulation, psycho-physical stress, obesity, cellulite type I-II, physical pain of circulatory or muscular type with spasms, and contractures or rheumatic pain.

    120 ml

  • Ayurvedic Elixir Body Celulite

    Ayurvedic elixir of synergistic composition of several oils ideal to improve lymphatic functioning, excess toxins, retained fluid, and accumulated fat. It contains 98% of vegetable ingredients among which are: Hindu ginger, bitter orange, cinnamon, clove, black pepper, juniper, and etc. It works on all types of cellulite. It fights edematous type I cellulite also known as band cellulite and also hormonal and mixed type II. It nourishes the skin without leaving any fatty residue. It reactive and de-toxin the lymphatic system, drains accumulated liquids and toxins. It reactivates the metabolism and activates the elimination of fats from the body. It helps to recover the silhouette when accompanied by a balanced food pattern. It reduces body swelling and therefore also the volume in the perimeter of an area of the body. Due to its thermoactive action, it can be a good ally to improve rheumatic problems.

    120 ml

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