Magic Box | Two beauty treatments online


Kit of two beauty treatments

It is a cosmetic kit of two beauty treatments and two cosmetic coaching sessions to enjoy in the company of your online Angel Trainer.

When you open our Magic Box, 10 INNAT super products will invade your senses. With them you will be able to perform two treatments at home but not alone. One of our Angel Trainers will guide you during the two sessions in which you will discover two of our best treatments: two visual impact treatments in which just in 30 minutes your face will look radiant.

Thanks to this product we have managed to solve the need to be able to test the INNAT line before buying it. This need disappears in a unique way with a new service that allows you to enjoy radiant skin for 15 days at a revolutionary price.

Once again, our Angel Trainers are the key point to guide you and to make this experience truly unique.

Get your Magic Box now and make an appointment for two meetings in which we will show you the pleasure and effectiveness of taking care of your skin as the experts in Beauty and Well-being do.



Two cosmetic coaching sessions and two stunning beauty treatments (10 mini-sizes that you will be able to use with your online Angel Trainer).

Included products

0. Molecular Bubbles
1. Magical Textures
2. Miraculous Notes
3. Absolute
4. Colors
5. Rice Betaluronic Foam
6. Pacific Scrub
7. Guardian Angel
8. Black & White Swan
9. Amazing Light Cream


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