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Provides firmness and elasticity

Concentrated active ingredient of hematite that provides firmness and elasticity to the skin thanks to its “stimulating” effect on collagen. Due to its composition, it also fills and reduces wrinkles making it a perfect product as a complement in anti-age products. In synergy with the Molecular Bubbles cleaner, the active ingredients used are equivalent to peptide technology but using natural extracts.

12 ml



It can be used alone by applying it directly on the skin with digital, or through a cotton saturated in the product.


Hematite Extract (Rosa de Hierro): Extract of the Brazilian hematite stone rich in iron. This active acts on the prolylhydroxylase is the key in the synthesis of collagen. In this way, we obtain a stimulating effect that helps reactivate the synthesis of pro-collagen and returns the tone and strength to the skin. It also helps wound healing and has a “retinol-like” effect.


Possible use to achieve a flash effect. Ideal to combine daily with other products of the Treasures range.

Combination with Molecular Bubbles: Each vial is prepared to be mixed with 150 ml of facial cleanser. Once the mixture is done, apply on the face and neck with a cotton or cleansing disc day and/or night.

Combination with any of our products in the Treasures range: Add one or two drops to your serum or face cream.


1 review for Molecular Bubbles | Anti-Aging Vial

  1. Valeria Aloe

    Used this by itself and with the molecular bubbles cleaner and loved how smooth my skin was. Super recommended!

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