• Multiperfection Cream Blue Light

    It is a natural cream for all skin types that includes a new active ingredient from microalgae, whose enzymes take advantage of the blue light radiation from the screens to activate, repair, and regenerate cellular DNA. The system works when exposed to blue light emitted by fluorescent lamps, tablets, computers, televisions, smart phones, and etc.

    These microalgae are able to reconnect cellular mechanisms, repair cellular DNA structure, prevent photo-aging, and more specifically digital aging, by protecting cells from oxidative damage.

  • Soap for all skin types


    This handmade certified organic bar soap is the first choice for people looking for an ideal soap high cleaning effect, mildly astringent, gently exfoliating for all skin types including sensitive mature skin.

    It is made with a mixture of essential oils that help you in the deep cleaning and overall care of your skin.

    Together with the base oils, the essential oils selected for Cranberry Orange soap makes it the best antioxidant option for those who want to keep their skin young, hydrated, and protected.

  • Argan precious serum

    Powerful elixir of beauty and youth that contains vitamin E and argan oil from organic farming. Its functionality can be dual because it allows application resting as a mask, or with a massage application until absorption as a serum.

    No mineral oil. No parabens. No alcohol.

  • Multifunctional cleaner

    Facial cleanser of the anti-aging range for all skin types. This 5-in-1 cleanser provides skin cleansing without rinsing and with a pleasant moisturizing sensation. With a single product you can use to remove makeup, cleanses, tones, moisturizes, and rejuvenates your skin.

    Due to its tensor effect and firmness in the skin  and due to the active ingredients, it is ideal for subsequent wrinkle treatment. In synergy with the anti-aging vial, its active ingredients are equivalent to a peptide technology but only using natural extracts.

  • Multifunctional cleaning foam

    It is a perfect natural cleansing foam to remove impurities accumulated on the skin throughout the day and makeup residues. Thanks to rice starch and betaine, hydrated, silky, shine-free, and irritation-free skin is achieved.

    Among its assets, it includes hyaluronic acid that deeply hydrates and moisturizes the skin.

  • Soap, Shaving, and Shampoo all in one


    This handmade certified organic bar soap is the first choice for people with reactive or sensitive dry skin.

    It contains a mix of organic herbal healing oil that adds an herbal freshness along with additional inflammation reducing properties.

    It is also ideal for shaving sensitive skin and for people who have thin, uncolored hair, and want a  shampoo for a devitalized, dry, and flaky scalp.

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