Own brand of selective cosmetics with headquarters and origin in Barcelona and New York.

Contact your Angel Trainer to begin your diagnosis and personalized Beauty & Wellness ritual.


The brand has four of its own selective cosmetic lines.


Multifunctional biotechnology line with synergistic active ingredients and visible results in record time.


100% natural line for those who want to take care of their skin with ancient formulas, ancient remedies, and other secrets of popular wisdom.


Exclusive 100% natural line designed for the delight of the senses and holistic skin care.


100% natural line with microalgae that take advantage of blue light radiation to activate and regenerate cellular DNA.


Why choose INNAT?

You will have a trusted companion before, during, and after your purchase or your INNAT experience.

Everything we do is adapted to you in “your exact moment.”

We are a gift that whomever receives it, will remember it forever.

We are much more than Cosmetics, much more than Beauty, and much more than Wellness.

You want to pay for something that is of extreme quality that feeds not only your body and your mind.

We can help you make the click that guides your life towards Happiness.

We don’t have customers, we have fans of our brand. You may just very well want to be part of our world.

When you buy INNAT, you help the world to be a little better and you enter our Chain of Favors.


INNAT is a way of life.


We create emotions that materialize objectives.


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“Specialists in anti-aging are especially demanding in the results and technical benefits of a product. With INNAT our decision was easy to make as we had three very obvious competitive advantages: visible results, immediate comfort, and access through the “Angel Trainers” system to an impeccable follow-up service for our patients once at home.”

Leonor Contreras, Doctor specialized in anti-aging treatments

“INNAT is not just a cosmetic line that makes me fall in love, it is much more. With it you learn to take care of yourself, understand your skin and see the essence of each of its products.”

Sonia Hidalgo, Angel Trainer and consumer of INNAT

“For me INNAT is a product made of soul and essence. It is capable of falling in love and surprising you.”

Judith Arnáez, Owner of H2O Mima’t

“INNAT is currently one of the few projects that adds passion, soul, and spirituality to its technical attributes of the highest quality, well-being, and rigor. Its effects on my body not only manage to improve my well-being, but also reach corners of my soul that help me improve as a whole. His philosophy and vision are capable of transforming not only the lucky ones, like me, but the way of seeing the world and fighting to improve it.”

Jaume Marin, Marketing Director Patronat de Turisme Costa Brava Girona

“I am a clinical psychologist and researcher in the field of neuroscience, I live in London and my relationship with them began because Marisa hired me to evaluate their Author Treatments from the point of view of Neuroscience. I was surprised by the emotional effect of their treatments and although I thought that this was one more professional commission and that everything would be an anecdote, in the end I was hooked on their cosmetic products.”

Eva Periche, Clinical Psychologist and Researcher (Neuroscience)